The Milinat Tale

We have searched far and wide, seeking to bring home the best treasures Europe has to offer. As a well-travelled young family driven by adventure, Europe has a special place in our hearts. With unparalleled history and culture, divine cuisine and memories waiting to be made, is it any wonder that many Australians dream of the European lifestyle. That is why Milinat exists, to bring some of that magic home.

Europe is known for cutting edge fashion and high-quality production. European menswear is long-lasting, practical and always stylish. From street markets and small boutiques to major chains, Europe is the undeniable centre of style. Unless you are willing to pop across to Milan for the latest designs, there is simply no way for Australian men to access this level of retail. That is, until now.

One day, we were sitting at our favourite local cafe in Novi Sad, sipping on Espressos. We marvelled at the seeming abundance of beautifully tailored menswear around us. That is when it dawned on us - there was a missing link in the chain. Australian men wanted to look confident in their clothing. They wanted the best Europe had to offer. But, there was no way for them to get it. Thus, Milinat was born. We are the missing link in the chain - directly importing European menswear for the modern gentlemen of Australia.

Milinat’s pieces are not simply clothing, they are part of a lifestyle. A lifestyle of luxury and adventure. One where wanderlust rules and the sky is the limit (literally). From backpacking and B&B’s to the grand hotels of the Continent - our menswear transports you to where you would rather be.

Milinat is designed for the gentlemen of Australia. We define a gentleman as a man who values himself and those around him. He dresses and acts with respect, flare and dignity. He knows his worth and seeks to make this world a better place through innovative success and exploration. He is driven by curiosity and kindness. A gentlemen needs the very best menswear available. A gentlemen needs Milinat.

We are dedicated to service, quality and beauty. As a local Australian business, we desire to see our customer’s wishes fulfilled. We are always up for a challenge and a laugh. You can find us exploring our world, one country at a time - picking up wonderful menswear along the way.


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